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Nice People Don’t Care About “Race Issues”

“Feel good” stuff like this can sometimes be a little cheesy but this is definitely closer to reality than what the leftist industrial complex would have us believe.

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Things that Have Been, Things That are Now...and, Things to Come

I recently posted this video I had made regarding the cheap Paris Commune copy erected in America’s Northwest. Since the same rabble is descending upon several — Democrat run — American cites, I thought I’d post it again.


The Playbook

How many more pages of history must drip with blood and destitution?

Classic Leftism, again and again.

Organized bands of thugs and pampered suburban — largely white(!) — basement dwellers, spend weeks attacking and destroying private businesses, public statues, and private citizens.

The Democrat fellow-travelers who run the now destroyed cities express their full solidarity with the communist/“anarchists.”

The Federal government finally sends its own law-enforcement personnel to protect the public buildings.

The worthless thugs demand that law-enforcement leave so the mob can express their “right” to destroy property and harm people.

The Democrat/communist thugs whine on supportive cable networks that police are hurting them. Seriously!

In Minneapolis, an Antifa/BLM mob breaks a private gate and threatens the owners of a home with death, the burning down of their home, and even threatening to kill their dog. When police refuse to respond, the home-owners brandish guns on their own property to protect it ...and their lives.

...the homeowners are charged with crimes by a Soros-funded leftist prosecutor.

This is now life in leftland, where defense of decency, free expression, and simple safety is called into question by the Marxist rabble.

Like all communist movements in history, these evil swine will eventually harm anyone, including their stupid compliant allies in media, colleges, and the Democomm party — a consortium of pseudo-intellectuals too stupid to accurately appraise the pages of history regrading their favored political ideology.

This is today’s Democrat party in action. This is typical leftism in action.

This has nothing to do with George Floyd, “racism,” Donald Trump, or any other gripe of the day. This is the pathological power-craving left doing what they have always done.

Don’t be complicit in the destruction of free, safe, and stable society. When the time comes, act within the law, act defensively, and, act accordingly.


A Brilliant Speech Regarding the Communist Party of China

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The Storm before the Storm (a Repost from almost two years ago)

...but more relevant today.

Conventional wisdom has it that America is on the brink of a civil war...or, is actually in one now. I’ve said this myself many times (actually noting it before it became fashionable) and it would be difficult for any astute observer to not see this to be true to some degree.

In spite of the left’s mock concern that America is entering some extreme right wing dystopia, their most honest appraisals accurately sense that America is back on track to the fonder’s intentions. The left doesn’t like America’s constitution. The left doesn’t like America. They never have. Their goal from the start has been to dismantle the experiment in limited government and the mass-prosperity it produces and replace it with another shot at rule by self-appointed intellectuals.

Those on the left side of America’s current schism would have others believe they represent the forces of “progress” and that they are fighting an emergent right-wing extremism wrought with racism and elements of “fascism.” Of course, none of this is the case.

The “fascism” pointed to by the left, and said to be embodied in America’s Republican party and its current president, is no more than the fairly consistent worldview of a relatively conservative party that seeks primarily to conserve the basic foundations of politics, economics, and culture as they have been for decades, if not centuries. Preserving the constitutional ideals laid out by America’s founders, supporting free speech, and protecting the country’s citizens from mass border-infiltrations is hardly a platform of fascism. It’s not even radical by any sane appraisal.

America’s de’ facto socialist party, the Democrats, have changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. They are now firmly allied with virtually any movement that seeks a radical overhaul of the American system of government and the culture it exists within. Their goal is not to preserve the founding principles of limited government or to work within them, but to destroy even the memory of the nation’s very identity. So it is that statues, lifestyles, culture, and even choices of words must be altered, belittled, or destroyed.

When communist movements (and communist-like movements like the one in France over two centuries ago) seize power, it’s common for them to destroy anything that may remind one of a world before their “revolutionary” arrival — even calendars. In North Korea, time itself is set askew, offset a half hour from the even scale used virtually everywhere else (how “revolutionary”).

The conservative side in the current American civil war merely desires to at least slow down the radical upheaval being forced upon them daily. Their counterparts on the left, at some point, historically morph into an extremist force that seeks to overturn society. By its nature, it is violent, intolerant, and authoritarian. All the cliche’ talking points about “equality and justice” are just means to an end. The end goal is always to seize power. Freedom of thought and expression are major roadblocks to their goal — a socialist planned society under intellectual and pseudo-intellectual “philosopher kings.” What the average leftist in America now seeks is not a moderate stance in a civil war but an authoritarian coup d’ etat. With all their phony allusions of challenging “the man” the contemporary Jacobin merely wants to be “the man” (they would no doubt add, “or woman”).

While many among the left vie for key roles in their spearhead of “change,” their potential success is assisted by a mass of deluded and easily swayed, mostly young people, who really believe that the current order is depriving them of a happy life. Whatever life they currently have, they are more than willing to trade it in for a another historical shot at utopia. If lots of people are persecuted or die in the process, well...they’re “breaking eggs” and “making omelets” again.

If one pays close attention to these people and how their “revolution” typically evolves over time, we can be sure that some of the most mundane politicos of our time will become as ruthless and violent in their cause as their archetype has been in the past. If they are able to seize total power, information outlets like FOX NEWS and the Drudge Report will be outlawed as a danger to “public safety.” Certain politicians and prominent partisans will be arrested. The new leaders will openly call for executions as hordes of “revolutionary” followers cheer them on. If an intelligent observer can’t see the run up to this world gone mad, they’re not paying attention.

‘Sounds extreme, or conspiratorial but there’s a consistent track record among radical behavior during their destruction of civilized and stable societies. Even during the French Revolution, the initial phase saw relatively moderate and sane people seeking to put democratic restraints upon their king. No one was openly calling for new calendars or styles of greeting. At that time, no one could have expected the king being publicly executed and a paranoid threat of death to virtually anyone who failed to say, think, or do “the right thing.” Are we so different today? Would an Antifa thug in Portland or D.C. spare anyone’s life who was not behind their “revolution?”

As with all historical prediction, no one really knows what will happen but, for the near future, I predict that Donald Trump will win reelection and will do so by a reasonable margin. Again, the left and their horde of barbarian followers will “resist” and continue their bogus accusations of “racism” and “fascism.” Well-orchestrated groups of feminists, academic radicals, pampered media idiots, and masses of the blatantly stupid will march aggressively and go for the country’s jugular. The disruption and chaos will be overwhelming. The necessary pushback itself will be excessive. The political spectrum of normal times will break and the pathological elements will float to the surface seizing whatever scraps of power can be found.

It will take at least a generation for many to realize, “we fucked up...bad. Real bad.”

What occurred in America in 1776 and the decades following will never happen again. When the enlightened experiment in self-government is ended, there will be no place to hide from the savages who have dominated the pages of history, and that will be a genuine tragedy for all.

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This is really interesting.


You Will Not See This on CNN

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Time for an Equal and Opposite Reaction

In every branch on their poisoned niche of the spectrum, the radical left is dishonest, cruel, coercive, belligerent, and evil.

It’s time to use every legal means possible to fight back against this loathsome communist insurgency.

The first step will be to insure that sane people are aware of how lethal these swine are to free and decent society. Vote them away. The Jacobins could not make the strides they’re currently enjoying without the active support of the Democrats’ treason against constitutional government. They would be nowhere without the assistance of massive corporate tech monopolies, Journalism, and the fellow communists who dominate America’s educational institutions. The government itself is rotten to the core and will not surrender to a free citizenry until they succeed in turning all of America over to international authoritarian institutions.

The current resurgence of Marxist/communist bullying and coercion is no different in kind to all the other movements in history that have destroyed whole civilizations. Their mission has nothing to do with “justice,” “equality,” or “morality.” They hate their fellow citizens and demand nothing less than complete compliance to their pathetic warped inner Stalin.

The list of daily nonsense is endless.

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An excellent sober appraisal in defense of arresting criminals.

(Regarding that video of a “peaceful protestor” in Portland being carted off by unmarked officers, I’d note the following):

There are plenty of rioters who are clearly actively breaking the law at the time of arrest. Why would officers be on a virtually empty street abducting one guy who is obviously doing nothing? When was the last time you’ve seen a rioter passively raise their hands and put up no resistance whatsoever, even verbal? And, icing on the cake, there happens to be a couple of people on this relatively empty street rambling script lines like, “who are you?” This is absolutely terrible acting. Just another example of the lefts’s favorite ploy, hoaxes of victimhood.


The Ideals I Adhere To...

...Where I’m coming from.


“Wear a Mask”...and laugh behind it

Utter BS

I wouldn’t quite call it a “hoax”...but it’s getting there.

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Totally pinned it

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Failing to Use the Salad Fork

There’s a scene in the movie, "Dirty Harry” where, upon meeting the person that is to become his parter, another police officer lists the different groups of people that the main character hates. Noting that the new partner is hispanic, “Harry” says, “especially spics.” While it may be appalling to hear such a thing, particularly in today’s sanitized climate, we later find a genuine fraternal camaraderie between the two characters. Harry’s causal misanthropic manner has no relation to his genuine decency toward others. A similar circumstance occurs in Clint Eastwood’s film, “Gran Torino” where, upon entering a barber shop, Eastwood’s character rambles off a litany of racial insult and monikers to the Italian barber while the barber rattles off equally bigoted comments toward Eastwood’s Polish heritage. Seconds later, it’s clear that they are just “two guys talking” and they’re actually good friends.

Both movies will no doubt be on the chopping block of politically incorrect “racist” movies. The idiots who are so far removed from how real people think and act are incapable of appreciating human interaction that is free from contrived and phony constraint.

In the end, so much of the current obsession with “race” and ethnic difference is no more than a demand for rigid adherence to manners. Just as the prissy snob looks down their nose at the person failing to use the proper fork at a formal dinner, these elitist busy-bodies have taken the normal weaknesses that all humans have and transformed them into monstrous acts of “violence and oppression.” In a world where real violence and racism exists, the left has chosen to embark on a project to cleanse all human history and thought of the natural prejudices that have existed among most people throughout history.

One can be certain that the smug finger-pointer in search of racism and prejudice will be the first to conjure stereotyped images of uneducated red neck Trump supporters while denigrating all of European civilization’s legacy as no more than colonialism and slavery. In their blurred vision, our busy-body betters are incapable of seeing the West’s active role in eliminating slavery, of introducing democratic government, or seeking acceptance of woman and marginalized lifestyles.

The contemporary crusade against....bad manners, is no more than a pathetic escape from sincere human interaction and tolerance and, like most things in the leftist’s world view, a pathetic escape from reality itself.

Cultural Marxism has little to do with “culture.” Indeed, it has little to do with anything beyond an awkward and frivolous power-grab by angry elitists who are more concerned with charging etiquette faux pas as crimes than offering a stable and sane world for fellow citizens.


Excellent defense of sanity.

Friday, July 17, 2020


The Epicenter of World Leftism

Attorney General William Barr is always concise, practical, and insightful in his observations.

This is a very important and wide-ranging speech regarding the behavior and clear plans of the evil Communist Party of China.

If they are not stopped — now — the world will be a very unpleasant place to live in coming decades. (The speech itself begins about seven minutes, thirty seconds into the video).

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


The Usual Ironies...

Has anyone noticed the irony of BLM being an organization motivated by the ideology of a 19th century dead white male German Jewish guy?


More Adventures in Leftland

What blatant idiots.

Sunday, July 12, 2020


The perpetual patronizing condescension of the Democrat party



Jason Whitlock covers it perfectly. (Note specifically the video).

Friday, July 10, 2020


In Solidarity With Nonsense

And...Full of shit.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020


Victims on Steroids

Victims on the march...again.


Sunday, July 05, 2020


Perversions With a Plan

The goal of leftism is to allow anything so they can gain power and outlaw everything.

Saturday, July 04, 2020


Autonomous-Zoned Roommates

(A video version of this essay can be found on YouTube).

During college I had, at one point, lived in a house with four roommates. Most were nice people and some became good friends. They were sane and decent. They paid their bills, compromised on issues regarding the home environment, and were respectful of the fact that there were other people living under the same roof with them.

Since there was a total of five people living in the house, some would move on at some point. It probably wasn’t completely surprising that there was always one person who was ...insane, rude, selfish, and generally troublesome.

I’m a pretty neat and organized person. I like an environment that’s comfortable and pleasant to the senses. I prefer peace, quiet, beauty, and order over, turbulence, noise, messiness, and chaos. That’s just me. I don’t care how others choose to live. A lot of people don’t share my views of living in a pleasant environment — or country(!).

You could, I suppose, call one’s predicament living with the less-refined, an encounter with a kind of “multi-culturalism.” Everyone has a personal culture regardless of whatever social or ethnic group they may belong to. When you visit the neighbor’s house, you temporarily visit another culture. They “do things different over there.” That’s all fine. As someone with a strong libertarian bias, I don’t really care how other people choose to live. My views change however when a “culture” very different from my own, one with attributes I don’t particularly like, is imposed upon me.

I’m reminded of my encounter with the individual “cultures” of former roommates as I ponder the insurgent enclave in Seattle, now known as “CHOP” — an institution which has finally been closed down after weeks of filth, chaos, and turmoil (including violence and a few murders). ‘ ‘Disneyland for spoiled brats masquerading as social justice rebels.

If one didn’t confine their perceptions to what CNN and other establishment news reporters were telling us, CHOP appeared to be populated by a lot of people who were similar to that roommate most sane people were not comfortable around — rude, selfish, and sketchy. A lot of drug addicts, alcoholics, and victims of mental illness, as well as the usual freaks harboring pathological hatred for their parents. The type of people you see in avant-guard coffee shops. Unbathed white guys with dreadlocks (culturally appropriated from other suburban pseudo-rebels). They steal your food (because they believe in “sharing”), they pay their share of the bills late — if at all. They completely ruin the environment for everyone while musing about their superior compassion and empathy for the underprivileged. The whole time, they convey their feelings of victimization from your simple desire to have some semblance of peace and order.

When I remember the kitchen microwave encrusted with eons of exploding Lasagna or looked for my portion of butter that the creepy roommate “shared” (with themself), I immediately recognized the inhabitants of the former “autonomous zone” in Seattle. Slobs are soft imperialists. While touting their credentials as “progressives,” they manage to spill their unkempt chaos and dirt into your path while assuming that you should savor their values and conditions.

The controversial Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson, notes in his overview of personality types that there are people who naturally prefer order and those who strive for a perpetual lack of equilibrium. On the plus side, this can be called, “openness.” There is no standard in nature that determines one perspective to be “better” than another but it’s reasonable that such people would not prefer to be forced into each others company for an extended period. This isn’t “fascism” but a reasonable tendency for people to want to be around like minded people. We don’t don’t chastise a hippy for avoiding recreational environments frequented by lawyers and upscale business people. We don’t look down upon someone using a dating service and stating their preferences for “XY and Z” and not their polar opposites.

None of what I’ve noted is meant to be a commentary on police brutality or injustices that Black citizens have encountered in our history. The Seattle autonomous zone was initially a product of protests against individual instances of black citizens killed at the hand of police officers — which, in spite of media hype and leftist propaganda, is actually remarkably rare.

Like any movement that progresses (no pun intended) into mob action, the result has diverged from the initial issue. So it is that Black Lives Matter was initially a justified response to cases of obvious injustice. Like so many “movements,” it has now become just another highly funded established organization with celebrities and corporate giants playing lip service and homage to its title. To read its leaders’ take on what they represent, it can accurately be labeled a Marxist movement (their self-description) with a host of demands that differ considerably from a mere desire to rectify problems in the criminal justice system. Like any Marxist (communist) movement, the result of their “revolutionary” fervor would be to enslave all of society to an overbearing state with equally distributed destitution and considerably energy directed at punishing anyone that would dare oppose the “new world” they imagined they were creating. Any past comments made that differed from their stated goals would subject one to severe punishment, imprisonment, or death.

More than a few budding tyrants in CHOP’S psychopathic mix had made references to the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. Others simply promised violence and retribution if their “demands are not met.”

Like many among the pampered rabble, self-styled “revolutionaries” are on a mission to impose their lack of consideration on us all and force us into a commune with compulsory membership where we have to endure chaos, declining standards of living, lack of freedom, and enforced affiliation with the worst of “roommates.”

Living standards....matter.

Justice means never having to say you’re sorry for things you never did, and freedom means living in an environment of your choosing.

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